Realms builds mentoring relationships among students, teachers, and the community.  Many positive benefits come from these relationships – benefits that continue throughout the student’s lifetime.

Research backs up the critical role that mentoring can play in a student’s life. A 2002 Child Trends report titled Mentoring Programs and Youth Development: A Synthesis summarizes the benefits of mentoring relationships:

  • Positive academic outcomes

  • Prevention of youth risk behaviors

  • Enhanced social and mental development

Children of all ages rely on relationships built at school to reach educational goals. Mentors can play many roles, including friend, adviser, tutor, and conscience.

Realms takes mentoring very seriously. Not only do we purposefully keep our student-to-teacher ratios small to encourage the mentoring process, Realms also reaches out to the community at large to find successful entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and academics – to name a few – who can provide mentoring to our students.

If you or someone you know who would be particularly good at mentoring bright and gifted students, we encourage you to contact Realms to discuss mentoring opportunities.