Realms of Inquiry is an independent, cooperative school for bright, creative, and independent thinking students. At Realms, an environment is created that celebrates all that students bring with them—big thinking, curiosity, creativity, and playfulness. Our purpose is to identify students’ gifts and support and nourish them as they develop in positive ways.

Recognizing the importance of the whole person, Realms supports students’ cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual growth. We seek to challenge and excite students in a wide variety of intellectual pursuits. We nurture uniqueness and individuality while also encouraging ethical behavior.

We have found that when students are trained to assume responsibility for, and are given control over their own learning, several things happen: they become progressively more committed to education, they internalize motivation, and they frequently surprise themselves with how satisfying learning can be. In all it does, Realms strives to create an environment that supports the intellectual, moral, creative, physical, spiritual and emotional growth of each student.

A Realms student develops confidence through drama, language, music and art programs, and through a unique Outdoor Program that exposes students to a wide variety of skills and activities including backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and wilderness skills. These activities are experienced fully by both the Middle and Upper Schools.

Our curriculum is based on the Utah State Core Curriculum and includes all core subjects as well as a foreign language. Realms also offers the flexibility to work with a teacher-mentor in areas of a student’s interests.

We have a firm belief at Realms that every student has his/her own talents and strengths; and that while some of these talents are easily identified in an academic environment, others are not.

Realms students are encouraged to:

  • be respectful and trusting of self and others.
  • be full of life - enthusiastic and excited.
  • strive for quality.
  • be willing to take risks
  • be community-oriented individuals
  • enjoy learning


Holistic Pedagogy

Sir Ken Robinson said in his February 2006 TED talk: "As children grow up we start to educate them progressively from the waist up, and then we focus on their heads and slightly to one side." He made a case that the same emphasis should be given to the development of physical and creative talents as to intellectual talent.

Even the Romans knew that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and in the same tradition Realms has held fast to its spectacular outdoor program over the years to challenge our students physically and push them to accomplish things that they never thought possible with the result that they gain great confidence. The activities include climbing, biking, hiking, river rafting and international exploration.

It is also clear that a person who has practical experience in a number of subjects besides intellectual knowledge has a great advantage. Realms has embedded an internship program in its academic studies in 2011 to encourage upper school students to try their knowledge and theories in the real world. This combination will help students to come up with original knowledge and inventions that culminate in published and patented work.

Picasso once said that all children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up. Realms Drama, Art, and Music courses encourage students to rediscover their creativity and to continue to foster it throughout their school career.