The Realms Outdoor Program provides a powerful opportunity for students to experience integrated education. The variety of destinations available to us (literally the whole world) insures endless opportunities for growth. On any outdoor adventure, whether it be a one-day field trip or a month-long excursion, students can engage in activities that bring real meaning to their study of nature, art, science, literature, music, history, and culture. They also mature socially and emotionally, develop a sense of self, and learn valuable leadership skills. These integrated and enriching activities round out the opportunities for growth each student has. As a result, talents otherwise hidden become strengths that add richness and direction to their lives.

With this in mind, Realms outdoor experiences generally incorporate several different components. A backpacking trip, for example, challenges the student’s physical strength and endurance; teaches the importance of being positive with oneself and others; requires an “I won’t give up” attitude; reveals to the students their own deep sources of inner strength; develops cooperation and leadership in those who are able to think beyond themselves; teaches outdoor skills that build confidence and competence; encourages responsibility as the students learn to take care of themselves, their equipment, and their food; and creates a wonderful opportunity to extend their classroom work into the world.

Whether experienced in sixth grade or twelfth grade, our Outdoor Program is a unique application of gifted and whole-brained learning. The powerful effect it has on students lasts a lifetime.