A cognitive evaluation helps us assess the learning strengths and needs of a student. As a gifted and talented program, we recommend that applicants take the WISC V.  We can accept previous testing if the test administrator has certified the validity of the test. The testing usually takes from two to three hours. Estimated cost is about $300. If the cost or timeliness of testing is an major obstacle to your application, contact us. We are able to administer an in-house test and/or portfolio evaluation.

You are welcome to use any licensed professional trained in administering and evaluating the appropriate test (see recommended tests below). Below, you will find a list of testers familiar with Realms. Please call one of them, or, one of your own choosing, and make an appointment for testing. If you are using a tester other than those mentioned here, please arrange for the results to be sent to Realms. Our fax number is 801.590.7701.

The following testers are familiar with our school and have tested many of our applicants:

·         Denise F. Goldsmith, Ph.D., Contact: 801.263.3335

·         Dr. Julia Jacobs, Psy.D., Contact 801.300.0466



Why is testing required?

     The primary purpose of testing is to help ensure that every student is placed in the educational setting that is best for him or her. Test scores are one of several measures used to evaluate how well the Realms program would work for a potential student. Other factors we look at include self-motivation and self-discipline; previous school experience; interests, passions, and hobbies; and development in non-intellectual areas, such as social, emotional, spiritual, and physical. These are assessed through a written application, an interview, and a classroom visit.

Does every student get tested?

     Testing is strongly recommended for all students. A portfolio of student work may be submitted in lieu of testing, but may not be sufficient. Realms may ask for testing in addition to a portfolio, or may ask for more current testing to be submitted.

Does Realms do the testing? How much does it cost?

     Testing is done privately, outside of Realms. Parents are welcome to use the qualified professional of their choice. We list professionals who have done admissions testing for many Realms students. In some circumstances, we can accept previous I.Q. test scores, but achievement test scores must be from the current school year. Charges vary from one professional to another, but typically cost about $300.