Back to School Picnic

We had a blast seeing old friends and talking with new families at the picnic.  Thank you all for coming out!  

A few items of note:

  • Attendance and punctuality.  Please make an effort to be on time to school and to classes.  We begin at 8:40 am and have important things to address each morning meeting.  If your student is tardy or will be absent, please call or email Karri.  Whenever possible, vacations should be scheduled during school breaks.  Students who are consistently tardy and/or absent may be placed on an attendance contract.
  • Technology this year.  We would like each student to have their own Chromebook (or equivalent).  These can be very affordable if purchased refurbished from e-bay, or other discount sites.  Students may borrow a device if they need some extra time to get one, or if they forget theirs. 
  • Technology policy.  We want our students to be responsible internet users.  Realms has unfiltered internet access and it is important to Realms to keep it.  When students are inappropriately using technology (whether it consists of distraction tabs during work or phone calls during class) a warning will be issued and the student will lose the device for the day.  A second occurrence will result in parent contact to retrieve the device.  A third event will trigger a meeting where a technology contract will be instituted.
  • Pack check for Upper School and College Prep trips will be Friday, August 18th.  Please bring your pack and all gear for inspection.
  • Parent Handbook can be found here